Why Cats vs. Dogs Is a Stupid Debate

Since long before the internet became a thing we all depend on, there has been this debate raging. Every time I think maybe we’ve all gotten over it, it comes up again: Which is better, cats or dogs?

I explained in my last post why this debate isn’t helpful:

Asking which one is better does not give us knowledge. It confuses the issue, and the facts get lost in the fog. And because there is no logical, objective answer to this question, it leaves people feeling vulnerable, and thus they are likely to get overly emotional (also because we love our pets a great deal). When has a lack of logic, plus overly emotional people, ever equaled positive discourse on the internet?

And now I would like to address people who hate either dogs or cats because they love the other one. If you are not one of these people, you are excused, and may go on with your day. I’m not talking about personal choice of pet. If you want to say you prefer to have a dog, or you prefer to have a cat, or hamster, or ferret, or skunk…whatever it is, that’s okay. I’m not talking about you.

I am so, so tired of people having these stupid debates about which one is better. If you’re one of these people, let me ask you something: Do you like elephants? Does that make you hate zebras? When you go to the zoo, do you go and look at just one animal? Does seeing meerkats frolic and play somehow diminish your enjoyment of cheetahs? If so, you might have a problem. A problem with logic, surely, but possibly a mental one as well.

I like dogs. I like cats. I understand cats and dogs for the most part. Cats can be harder to understand if you aren’t in the habit of thinking too deeply about pets. I get that. You actually have to try to think like a cat, to empathize with them. Most people can’t even put themselves in another human’s shoes, much less empathize with another species. I get that. But they are very social, highly intelligent creatures that can show just as much (and sometimes more) affection as our canine friends.

So, just understand that when I see you talking about how dogs are better than cats or cats are better than dogs, I see an imbecile talking about how hamsters are THE BEST! THE BEST! AND THAT’S WHY FERRETS SUCK!!!!

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