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Little Girl Lost

As you might remember from my article on Freya, she had 6 kittens. My sister and niece kept 2, Cleo and Kiri, and we kept Stiles. I love those babies so much. And my niece spent several afternoons helping us with them. Her mom had already picked out Cleo, but she had a special bond with Kiri. Kiri was always the meekest little kitten. She even took up a “mommy” role, grooming her siblings, and even trying to groom her mother. She’s the sweetest thing.

Cleo and Kiri cuddle
Cleo and Kiri cuddle

Late last month, she went missing. Cleo has never been without her sister, and my niece is heartbroken. We all are. Please share this if you can. She went missing in the Coweta, OK area, and we need to get her home.


Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

SciShow delved into some very interesting cat topics in the past few weeks, and I thought they were worth sharing.

Q&A: Does the cat remember me?

Q: I’ve moved, and my new church has got a church cat. I’ve met him a few times, had some nice interactions. But I wonder. He must see a lot of humans at the church. How many of us can he actually fit into his tiny little kitty brain? Does he remember me meeting to meeting?

A: Cats have fantastic memories. Their brain structure is much more similar to ours than a dog’s brain. If you have a cat that spent its formative years (2–7 years) in a particular place, then you move, then you take the cat back to that place a decade later, it will remember all the paths it used to walk, where to get food, whom to avoid, and whom it can sweet talk (or meow) into giving it last night’s chicken leftovers.

To learn more about cats’ memory, read my post on the topic here.

Cats have an advantage that we don’t: they rely on smell (which is closely tied to memory, even in our minds, though we don’t use it when we meet people), as well as body language, the sound of that person’s voice, facial recognition, and other distinguishing characteristics to remember individuals. It doesn’t matter if it’s another cat, a dog, a possum, a human, or a goat. They use all those things to remember each individual. Every time. We rely heavily on sight coupled with a short word (the person’s name) to try to remember the people we meet.

A cat is much better equipped to remember you as an individual than any other person in that church.

Why These Cat Videos Are Animal Cruelty

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you may have seen a video or two of a cat partaking of a tasty cold treat and then freezing, mouth agape, eyes starting to roll as the cat gets an ice cream headache. On the surface, the faces they make might look funny, but they are actually the horrifying expression of a cat’s agony. It is no more funny than whatever expression your cat would make if someone hit it with a baseball bat, kicked it, or threw it against a brick wall.

The cat has no idea what is happening. It has no way to know that it isn’t dying, that the pain is transient, that it will be okay.  Inflicting all of that on an animal that depends on you is absolutely cruel.

It isn’t funny, it isn’t a joke, and it most certainly isn’t ethical.

Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain Rescued after 96 Hours!

This video from Cole & Marmalade‘s channel shows Cali the kitten was trapped in a storm drain for 96 hours until the efforts of Sierra Pacific FurBabies, a non profit rescue organization in CA, finally paid off!

For more on this story, you can read the article here. For more on Cole and Marmalade, you can visit their site here.